Dark Brown and White Spotted jack
Height 33"
Sire:  Circle C Russian 31" Black
Grand sire: S.S. Red Lightening 32" Red
Grand dam: Circle C Ebony 34" Black
Dam: MGF Venus Cloud Minder
Grand sire: GP Peanut 32.5" Brown and white spotted
Grand dam: MGF Venus Minog
We went looking for the best spotted jack we could buy.
When we saw the Spotted Russian we knew we had found that jack.
His photos are worth a thousand words.
He has it all confirmation, pedigree, color, and personality.
We can't wait to see what he produces with our outstanding jennys.

Black NLP/ w cross jack
Height 32.5"
Sire:  PMF Total Eclipse 32.5" Black
Grand sire: PMF Bo Jackson 31.5" Black/Brown
Grand dam: PMF Lace of Spades 34" Dark Brown
Dam: OTT's Red Sonja by Dez 32.5" Dark Sorrel
Grand sire: Chino Valdez Hy Hope 34" Dark Brown
Grand dam: S.S. Fiona 32 3/4" Dark Brown
Ricochet has super confirmation, dark color, and a drafty build.
He has great presents about him and everything we looked for in a new jack.
Plus he has both sorrel and black in his pedigree.
We look forward to his offspring each year!

"HOLLYOAKS HERO" new Junior Herdsire
Dark tri-spotted jack
Birth height 19 1/4"
Sire:  Splendor's Little Emmett 31.5"Very dark spotted
Grand sire: Windcrest Mesquite 29" Dark brown
Grand dam: Windcrest Selena 33.5" Brown and White spotted
Dam: Brayer Patch Liberty Coco 30.5" Dark Brown
Grand sire: Sunset Acres Russian Czar 31.5" Black
Grand dam: Arrow Creek Buffalo Gal 32" Dark brown
We purchased this jack because of his confirmation, small size, excellent
pedigree and color. As you can see from his photos he has great potential.
His pedigree includes 45 Magnum and Circle C Russian.
We look forward to breeding with him in 2008.

"TST Red Max Seven"
Dark Red jack
Height 31.25"
Sire:  Schrater's Firefly 32.5" Dark Red
Dam: Marabia Farms Julia 32.5" Brown
Seven is a gorgeous dark red jack.
His pedigree has numerous reds including The Fireman!
We have selected jennys that we feel are best suited for Seven.
He is nice and stocky with rounded rear.
He is bred to Annie, Precious, and Peaches for 2009.
For reference only!
Thanks to Teri Schmeeckle!

Black/w cross jack
Height 31"
Sire:  Satchel 30.5" Black (Herdsire at Sunset Acres)
Grand sire: Magnum 28.75" Black/brown
Grand dam: Wee Friends Farm Sugar Baby 31" Black
Dam: WFF Sissy 32.5" Brown
Grand sire: WFF Jack Pot 31" Dark Brown
Grand dam: WFF Star Bright 32" Slate
Check out Shaq's nice small pedigree!
Barely visible stripe with his father's dark color!
Shaq has the color, size, and confirmation we want in a herdsire.
He is nice and stocky with rounded rear.
He is just as friendly as they get.
His full sister is Sinder the 28.5 inch black jenny.
For reference only!

Dark brown jack
Height 31"
Sire:Glacier Springs Sam 33"-dark brown
Dam:  S.S.Melissa 31.5"-dark brown
Sire:  S.S.Sinbad 29.5" Dk Brown
Dam:  S.S.Sally 31" Dk Brown S.S.Sally is sired by S.S.Sampson
and her dam is S.S.Susie, S.S.Susie's dam is S.S.Sara.
S.S Sampson and S.S. Sara are the sire and dam of the well known
Red Lightening. This guy is square from front to back.
He knows he's king of his castle. He's the first to greet you with his
loving disposition. His offspring carry his small drafty size, dark
color, and confirmation. He is an assest to our breeding program and his offspring could be to yours!
For reference only.


Black/w cross jack
Height 30.5"
Sire:  45 Magnum 28.75" Black/brown
Dam: WFF Sugar Baby 31"Black
Satchel was raise here at Wee Friends Farm.
His sire is the $10,000 45 Magnum.
His dam is Wee Friends Farm Sugar Baby.
This jack is small, stocky, and very dark. He is the sire to the
NMDA Grand Champion Jack Best of Breed 2006 Smart Derby.
His cross is barely visible. Look at that nice chest.
His dam and sire are both small and dark. He is very nicely built
and straight legs to go with it! We have Sinder and Sydney who
are two jennys sired by him and his dam Sugar Baby.
For reference only.


Black/w cross jack, birth height 20.5"
Born 3/29/02
Sire:  WFF Jack Pot 31" Dark Brown
Dam: WFF Sus-z-cute 31" Brown
Barely visible stripe, nice ears, and
has our best jenny for his mother!
This is a very nice small stocky jack!
He has VERY straight back legs and a nice wide chest. Only 26" tall
at seven months old! He is as friendly as they come!
He is 29" at one year four months!
He is as dark as his grand dam Sugar Baby a 31" black.
He is right there to greet you when you walk into the pen.
At two years two months he is 30.5 inches tall.
For reference only.