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Black/brown spotted jack
born 9/22/09 birth height 21"
Sire:  MGF Spotted Russian 33" Spotted
Dam: Horseshoe Ranch Sassy Lassy 33.5" true black
He was born small at 21" tall.
This is Sassy's second spotted foal with black spots.
Her last jenny foal(Lickety Split) with a big black spot went to CA.
This is a wonderful looking jack that already has a nice wide chest.
He should make a great herdsire.
Thanks to Bill Smith from CO!

Spotted jack
born 9/15/09 birth height 21.5"
Sire:  MGF Spotted Russian 33" Spotted
Dam: WFF Spice 31 " very dark brown
Our herd of mainly solid colors is turning spotted.
With the Spotted Russian as your sire you can't go wrong.
Look at big gray patch on his rear leg
His grand dam is Sugar Baby a 31" black jenny.
We love our spotted donkeys and this is no exception.
Thanks to Bill Smith from CO!

Black jack
born 9/16/09, birth height 20.5"
Sire:  MGF Spotted Russian 33" Spotted
Dam: WFF Sydney 31 3/4" very dark brown
This nice looking black jack has Rhone's Satchel 30.5" black as his grandsire.
His great grandsire is Magnum 29.5" jack.
Look at that white nose, ears, and white belly
If your looking for a black sire this might be your ticket.
He should make a great herdsire with outstanding pedigree.
Price $1250

Brown, gray,and white spotted jenny
born 5/27/09, birth height 21 3/4"
Sire:  Ozark Lil Bit Foxie 32 3/4" Spotted
Dam: Sunny G's Betty Jo 32 3/4" Dark brown
What a nice looking spotted jenny.
She has that color everyone is looking for
with half brown and half white. Her grand sire
is 29 3/4" Short ASSets War Emblem.
Price $2000

Black/brown jenny
born 4/06/09, birth height 20"
Sire:  MGF Spotted Russian 33" Spotted
Dam: WFF Brandie 31" dark brown
Brandie just keeps producing nice jennys.
Bred to the Spotted Russian you have a great combination.
Notice the star on her forehead.
We continue to be thrilled with the Spotted Russian foals.
Price $1950

Dark Brown and White Spotted jack
Height 33"
Sire:  Circle C Russian 31" Black
Grand sire: S.S. Red Lightening 32" Red
Grand dam: Circle C Ebony 34" Black
Dam: MGF Venus Cloud Minder
Grand sire: GP Peanut 32.5" Brown and white spotted
Grand dam: MGF Venus Minog
We went looking for the best spotted jack we could buy.
When we saw the Spotted Russian we knew we had found that jack.
His photos are worth a thousand words.
He has it all confirmation, pedigree, color, and personality.
We have kept back one of his sons and a few of his duaghters so
we have decided to sell him. Don't miss out on a chance to put an outstanding herdsire in your herd.
Thanks to Randy and Cindy from Bred Well 4U Mini Ranch!

Black, brown, gray,and white spotted jenny
born 9/13/08, birth height 21.5"
Sire:  MGF Spotted Russian 33" Spotted
Dam: Horseshoe Ranch Sassy Lassy 33" true black
We were wondering what we would get breeding black to spot.
Notice the black spot on the side of her neck.
She is a dandy and very unique!
She has heavy bone and excellent confirmation
We continue to be thrilled with the Spotted Russian foals.
Thanks to Chet & Lucie Morrell from CA!

Brown, gray,and white spotted jack
born 8/9/08, birth height 21"
Sire:  MGF Spotted Russian 33" Spotted
Dam: Wee Friends Farm Sus-z-cute 30" dark brown
WOW! Here we have the kind of jack you dream about. The pedigree on this jack
is outstanding. He has the color everyone wants to have. His legs are
just about as good as it gets. You have to look far and wide
for a jack like this.
Thanks to Mandy Christensen from Alberta, Canada!

Black NLP/ w cross jack
Height 32.5"
Sire:  PMF Total Eclipse 32.5" Black
Grand sire: PMF Bo Jackson 31.5" Black/Brown
Grand dam: PMF Lace of Spades 34" Dark Brown
Dam: OTT's Red Sonja by Dez 32.5" Dark Sorrel
Grand sire: Chino Valdez Hy Hope 34" Dark Brown
Grand dam: S.S. Fiona 32 3/4" Dark Brown
We offer this jack with hesitation.
Ricochet has super confirmation, dark color, and a drafty build.
He has great presents about him and everything we looked for in a jack.
Plus he has both sorrel and black in his pedigree.
He has sired some nice black and dark brown foals
such as Sadie on the nursery page.
Thanks to Keith Jones from KS!

Spotted jenny
born 5/28/08, birth height 21.5"
Sire:  B.J. Spot On and On 30.75" Spotted
Dam: B.J. California 30.75" Gray Dun
We are very excited to see this new foal.
Both of her parents are small in size.
She has nice legs with white on each one.
She an addition we are delighted to have.
Thanks to Chet & Lucie Morrell from CA!

Black/brown jenny
born 8/30/07, birth height 22"
Sire:  Short Assets Ricochet 32.5" Black w/cross
Dam: Wee Friends Farm Sissy 32.5" Brown
Oh boy, just what the doctor ordered!
This jenny is out of the same dam as Sinder.
She has no visible cross.
She is black with white nose and ears.
We couldn't be more pleased with this new addition.
Thanks to Susie Stahl!

Black jack
born 8/18/07, birth height 20.75"
Sire:  Short Assets Ricochet 32.5" Black w/cross
Dam: Wee Friends Farm Spice 31" Dark brown
Here's a small stocky black jack!
Spice is another one of our top jennys.
He is sired by Ricochet our black jack.
We continue to get black and straight legs from our herdsire.
Thanks to Randy Garcia!

"WFF SLINGSHOT" born 7/31/06
Dark brown jack NLP
born 7/31/06, birth height 21.5"
Sire:  Short Asset Ricochet 32.5" Black w/cross
Dam: WFF Sissy 32.5" brown
Ricochet's fourth foal has his black color and straight legs.
Slingshot's dam is also the dam of Shaq and Sinder, our 28" black jenny.
When you get great legs and color you have to be thrilled!
Ricochet continues to produce outstanding foals.
Thanks to Kyle Bellew!

Dark brown jenny
born 6/03/03, height 31.5"
Sire:  Sunset Acres Jon 30.5" Gray
Dam: B.J. White Cloud 35" Frosted Spotted White
This is a great opportunity to buy a bred jenny.
Arkansas is bred to MGF Spotted Russian
(check Herdsire our link) for the summer of 2009.
She has nice straight legs with a wide chest.
Her grandsire is the well known McLendon's 45 Magnum.
If you want a bred jenny here is your chance to buy a good one
bred to an outstanding herdsire.
Thanks to Seaneen McArdle in Rosamond, CA!

Spotted gray, black, and white jack
born 4/2/08, birth height 20"
Sire:  B.J. Spot On and ON 30 3/4" Spotted
Dam: B.J. Arkansas 31.5"" Dark Brown
Here we have a small spotted nice jack.
His sire is small and so is his dam.
He's going to be a heartbreaker in someone's herd.
Look at those black ears.
Thanks to Seaneen McArdle in Rosamond, CA!

Gray jenny
born 10/20/07, birth height 20"
Sire:  Wee Friends Farm Shaq 31" Black
Dam: KLV Mary Kay 31.5"" Gray
This is an outstanding jenny.
She is small and very stocky.
All of Mary Kay's foals have been nothing but top of the line.
This is a keeper in any herd.
Thanks to Beatrice Aumoitte in Vauville, France!

Red & white Spotted jack
born 7/20/05, Height 33.75"
Sire: Piccolo Acres One Shot Jack 33" Tri color spotted
Dam: Piccolo Acres What A Shot Jen 32"Tri colored Spotted
Wow look at the color of this jack!
He has very straight legs as you can see in the photo
He has heavy bone and good teeth.
He has a very friendly attitude and loves to please.
Both of his parents have lots of dark spots.
How many jacks have you seen with this kind of color?
This jack is ready to bred your jennys.
Thanks to Kelly Jensen!

Frosted white with sorrel highlites jack
born 10/2/07, birth height 19"
Sire:  TST Red Max Seven 31 5/8" Dark red
Dam: WFF Peaches 33" Frosted white with sorrel highlites
Wow, what a eye catcher we have here!
This very small ball of hair will melt your heart.
He looks just like his dam.
He should make someone a special herdsire.
He definitely stands out in a crowd even though he is so tiny.
Thanks to Mini Moons Ago Miniatures in Paige, TX!